Leak Detection

Fraser Coast Plumbing and Leak Detection

Fraser Coast Plumbing

The Pipe Doctor specialises in all areas of Plumbing and is familiar with the local area and specific needs of the area. Including Tiaro, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Howard, Poona, Boonooroo, Maaroom and everywhere in between.

From bores and pumps to all your standard plumbing needs, The Pipe Doctor can assist. Based on The Sunshine Coast, The Pipe Doctor conducts regular service trips to the Fraser Coast and if you require any urgent assistance, he is only a phone call away and in many cases will still be able to attend to emergency repairs.

Sunshine Coast Plumbing and Leak Detection

For all your plumbing needs from Caloundra to Noosa and the Cooloola Coast and everything in between, The Pipe Doctor has you covered.

The Pipe Doctor is located on the Sunshine Coast and is proud to call it home. He is familiar with the local area and environmental and lifestyle challenges facing Sunshine Coast locals.

Underground Leak Detection and Location

Experts in leak detection and repairs in Pools, Showers, Water Tanks and Underground...

Our high tech ultrasonic listening equipment, Leak locator, gas tracers and dye test we can save you time, damage and money by pinpointing leaks.  In your bathroom we won't need to lift or destroy your valuable tiles to find the leak.  With our Leak detector we can detect an underground leak location and pinpoint the location for repair accurately with minimal cost and little damage to the affected area.

We specialise in these leak services:


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