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Leak Detection Experts

The Pipe Doctor is your expert in all areas of plumbing, from indoor to outdoor, above ground to underground, pipes to valves to pumps and leak detection is a specialty.

Leak Detection and Underground Scanning Experts

Also expert in all things underground, The Pipe Doctor can locate utilities including underground pipes, electricity and cabling and other hidden features you may need to find before you start digging.

With The Pipe Doctors specialised underground scanning equipment he can do more than just help with those underground leaks. Prepare wisely before commencing underground works and have your yard scanned to be sure you know what's where before you get started.

The Pipe Doctor Works With The Best Specialists

Expert in everything from bathroom and toilet plumbing to kitchens, pools and everything in between, The Pipe Doctor also networks with the most professional experts in every other area that will assist in the excavation, inspection and repairs that may be required for even the most difficult of plumbing requirements.

Honest Consultation And Quoting

No job is too big or too small for The Pipe Doctor and he is always looking out for the best interest of his customers. Aware of the unexpected and potentially expensive nature of plumbing, The Pipe Doctor will always discuss your needs with you and quote on what you really need. He will readily seek out the most affordable option, while being sure not to compromise on the end result.

Have realistic expectations with genuine and honest input regarding the best solutions and rest easy with the confidence that at the end of the day you will have a long term plumbing solution that you can trust.

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