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Plumbing, Utility Detection, Water Leak Detection and Repair

The Pipe Doctor and his assistant

The Pipe Doctor will come to you anywhere in South East Queensland from Caboolture to the Sunshine Coast and even up to Childers.  He's an expert at unblocking pipes and drains plus can easily detect and fix leaks in pipes, swimming pools, shower trays and much more.

The Pipe Doctor can do a Location Service Inspection before you dig, to find those hidden connections underground.  He can also check out a new property for you, before you buy, so you'll know there are no unexpected plumbing problems after the home is yours. 

The Pipe Doctor has been in the business for over 30 years and has the most specialised equipment available locally on the Sunshine Coast. He has the most advanced truck set-up available in Queensland to fix all your plumbing needs. Plus The Pipe Doctor's workmanship is guaranteed.

So go direct and call the company the Plumbers use. 


Call The Pipe Doctor now on 0438 123 128 to get started.

Or send an email for a quote or more information.