Underground Leak Detection and Location

Underground Pipe Leaks

Experts in leak detection and repairs in Pools, Showers, Water Tanks and Underground...

Our high tech ultrasonic listening equipment, Leak locator, gas tracers and dye test we can save you time, damage and money by pinpointing leaks.  In your bathroom we won't need to lift or destroy your valuable tiles to find the leak.  With our Leak detector we can detect an underground leak location and pinpoint the location for repair accurately with minimal cost and little damage to the affected area.

We specialise in these leak services:

Underground Leaks

Ultrasonic Listening Equipment - pinpoints leaks

The Pipe Doctor can find all your underground leaks, whether the pipes are under the soil or under concrete or other hard surfaces, we have the tools to find your underground leak and get to it quick, saving you time, mess and most importantly, money.

We can also find your underground power locations and underground Telstra locations.

The Pipe Doctor's high tech ultrasonic listening equipment saves you time, damage and money by pinpointing leaks.  

Our latest pipe cameras can give you a detailed inspection of your pipes condition and whether you may have a problem. This way we can see it and locate it.  

Fixing it the first time and taking away all the guess work, saving you time and money.

Pool Pipe Leaks

The Pipe Doctor can scan your property to detect swimming pool leaks, without having to dig up more than is necessary.

Shower Leaks

Shower Leaks and all bathroom plumbing are a specialty of The Pipe Doctor.

Water Tanks

Pipes, Pumps and all things water tanks, above ground, under ground and any of the more modern options now available can all be installed, serviced or repaired by The Pipe Doctor.

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