Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging from The Pipe Doctor
Find and Detect Leaks with Thermal Imaging

The Pipe Doctor has many tools to find leaks and utilities in and around your property, but one of the handier options is Thermal Imaging.

With Thermal Imaging, The Pipe Doctor can 'see through walls' and locat leaks inside the walls, under flooring and in many more locations that would otherwise require significant interference with your property.

To get straight to the source of your leak or locate objects or substances based on heat, call The Pipe Doctor today to discuss how this option may be helpful for you.

Remember, this will save you time and money, with no need for the exploratory work looking for your leak, when The Pipe Doctor can use Thermal Imaging to see through walls!

Save money, save time, avoid mess, know you are getting straight to the source with Thermal Imaging!

Not only can we find the leaks, but we can check where your pipes run and many other utility services and cables, dependant on temperature of course. Along with sonar, CCTV and an exhaustive knowledge of plumbing, The Pipe Doctor can find what you are looking for quickly and easily with Thermal Imaging.

Learn more about our CCTV Pipe Inspection and Leak Detection services here.

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