About The Pipe Doctor

The Pipe Doctor - Family Business

The Pipe Doctor is a family business, run by Mark Feneck and with his son quickly learning the ropes and becoming an expert in leak detection and plumbing repairs and maintenance.

Mark cares about the quality of his work and ensuring that his customers get an honest and genuine experience, so they can rest easy that they will always receive value for money.

Mark has spent many years learnig the many facets of leak detection and underground pipe repairs and has the latest in technological equipment ensuring he can handle all tasks efficiently and get you results... fast and afforable results!

With a goal to offer the most efficient and therefore affordable leak detection and location services, The Pipe Doctor offers the latest in technology and is constantly learning and developing groundbreaking techniques for finding, diagnosing and repairing all those difficult plumbing and leak issues.

Working in both domestic and commercial arenas, The Pipe Doctor has the equipment and techniques to find and repair any leaks. As an expert plumber, Mark can handle all experts of plumbing including all your toilet and bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool needs and anything else you can think of.

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