Underground Leak Repairs

Underground Leak Repairs

The Pipe Doctor specialises in under ground leak repairs and can locate and repair without the need for extensive excavations and exploration.

CCTV Camera Exploration

One method we have available for locating leaks is our CCTV Camera Inspection service, which allows us to go down into your pipes and see what is really going on. We can get right in there and see just what is happening and where, so that when we repair, we can do so efficiently, saving you time and money.

Underground Scanning

We have specialist equipment with a number of methods which allow us to scan under the ground surfaces and find leaks, as well as other nearby utilities. This ensures we are not working blind and as well helping to locate the leaks, ensures we know what to expect when we do need to unearth your pipes for repairs.

Underground Plumbing and Drain Repairs

When required, we can also repair pipes in the ground, without the need for major excavation. Depending on the results of our inspection, we can either target repairs to ensure minimal impact above ground, or even conduct repairs to the pipe in place in order to avoid more extensive works.

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