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Toilet Drain Blockage
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The Pipe Doctor is expert in all areas of plumbing, including those dirty jobs nobody wants to think about.

If you sewerage pipes or septic system are experiencing blockages, leaks or even just odours that don't seem right, The Pipe Doctor can get your troubles sorted.

From locating leaks and blockages, to clearing blockages or repairing leaks, above ground or underground, we've got you covered.


Whether you it relates to your toilet, the pipes to the sewer system or an on-site septic system, blockages are generally difficult to locate and even more difficult to clear.

In addition, many attempts to clear these yourself at home can result in extra damage to the pipes or exaggeration of the blockage, making the problem worse.

The Pipe Doctor specialises in locating blockages and any leaks or cracks which may have resulted and of course has the specialty equipment to get in to those tight spaces, around those corners and get you flushing away again.

Clear Blockages and Repair Damage

As mentioned above, blockages can often lead to leaks or other damage to your system, especially if incorrect repair methods have been tried before.

As well as locating any damage which may have occurred, The Pipe Doctor can clear blockages quickly and with ease and has a range of tools and methods to do so in place, without the need for expensive digging and construction works.

New Toilets and Systems

As well as maintaining and repairing your current system, The Pipe Doctor installs and upgrades systems too. From new builds, to renovations, we can get you setup with a no hassle system so you can worry about the business at hand,

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