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Plumbing Inspections

In order to maintain your plumbing and avoid unnescessary expenses, The Pipe Doctor can conduct one-off or regular inspections of your plumbing.

Using the incredible technology available for leak detection and inspection including ground penetrating sonar, wall, floor and ceiling penetrating thermal imaging, as well as pressure testing and so much more, regardless of your plumbing installation, the Pipe Doctor can conduct a thorough plumbing inspection for you.

Sunshine Coast Leak Detection

The Pipe Doctor specialises in Leak Detection services and being a proud Sunshine Coast local, is proud to offer a full emergency response service or standard leak detection inspection service.

For leaks underground, inside your home or building or anywhere else you may have plumbing which is hard to see or to locate leaks in, we've got you covered.

The Pipe Doctor offers a range of leak detection services from ground penetrating sonar to thermal imaging services and a range of other specialty services and techniques.

Plumbing Maintenance Inspections

The Pipe Doctor is familiar with all areas of plumbing and as such can provide you with a thorough and detailed inspection of your plumbing and equipment to assist you in keeping on top of your maintenance.

From home plumbing to larger commercial needs, the Pipe Doctor can inspect and maintain your plumbing, saving you money and inconvenience in the long run.

With a range of inspectoin and diagnosis tools and years of experience, we can inspect, locate any leaks or possible concerns and provide fast and efficient repairs.

DIY Pool Leak Evaporation Test

Not sure if your swimming pool has a leak?

It can be tough to know with hot and windy conditions, evaporation can dry out your pool much quicker than you might expect. Many of us are left wondering and it can be quite concerning calling in the experts to inspect your swimming pool and pipes.

Try this test yourself to determine if you need professional leak detection from The Pipe Doctor, or if your hose just needs more of a workout!


If you are having troubles with your bath, the taps and fittings included with your bath or a blocked drain The Pipe Doctor has all your bath plumbing need covered.

Also specialising in spa baths and other specially designed bath options, The Pipe Doctor can find your problem fast and get it fixed quickly and affordably.

These days baths and all the associated plumbing come in many different shapes and sizes and we can take care of it all for you.

South Burnett Plumbing and Leak Detection

For all your plumbing needs from Blackbutt to Murgon and Kingaroy and everything in between, The Pipe Doctor has you covered.

The Pipe Doctor is located on the Sunshine Coast and proudly services the South Burnett on a regular basis. He is familiar with the local area and environmental and lifestyle challenges facing South Burnett locals.

Dishwashers, Pipes and Drains and Installation

From the pipes that bring the water into your dishwasher to the drains that take it away again The Pipe Doctor can ensure yours is working efficiently and effectively.

The Pipe Doctor can also inspect and test your seals if you are concerned about leaks form the machine itself.

New Dishwasher Installations

The Pipe Doctor can also assist with all your plumbing needs if you are looking to install a new dishwasher. From installing new pipes and drains, to fitting, testing and making sure you're ready to clean, The Pipe Doctor can handle it all.


Showers can present a number of unique issues, from the water pressure coming in, the taps and the rose / head as well as the drainage and other waterproofing or leaking concerns.

The Pipe Doctor has special technology that can help him find those leaks and have them diagnosed and repaired quickly, efficiently and most importantly affordably.

Showers rely on a balance of pressure to work, between your incoming water pipes to the taps, then the shower rose and down into the drainage.

Sinks and Drains

Well, we just had to say it. The Pipe Doctor can fix all your plumbing problems, including the kitchen sink!

The kitchen is a key wet area of the home and includes a number of drain pipes, taps, sinks and sometimes more with modern conveniences such as dishwashers and waste disposal.

If you are experiencing drain blockages, leaking pipes, issues with your taps or your sinks, call The Pipe Doctor to get straight to th bottom of it.


We can assist with your bathroom sink or basin issues, in fact any sink in the house, including the kitchen, laundry or anywhere else you may have a sink.

From the taps and pipes bringing water in to your sink, as well as the sink itself and any drainage that may be connected to it, The Pipe Doctor has you covered.

We specialise in all areas of plumbing, everything including the kitchen bathroom basin or sink! We can install a new one, inspect your blocked drains and remove, repair or replace the taps on your sink.



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