Kitchen Plumbing

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Kitchen Plumbing Dishwasher
Kitchen Plumbing Taps

The kitchen features a large amount of a households plumbing and The Pipe Doctor can assist you with all of it.

From plumbing for a new kitchen, to repairs to a leaky tap or drain, to installation of a dishwasher or garbage disposal, The Pipe Doctor is here for you.

As well as installation and repair, The Pipe Doctor can also use his specialist leak detection services to find any concerns you may have with drains or water lines.

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink and taps would be the most common plumbing in kitchens and something we all rely upon on a daily basis. From traditional hot and cold taps to modern mixers and water filtered taps, The Pipe Doctor can install, diagnose and repair any and all of the plumbing for your kitchen sink.

Notice a funny smell in the kitchen, it may be a leak or blockage in your kitchen drains. Call The Pipe Doctor today to locate and repair any concerns so you can go back to living a pleasant life in your home.

Dishwasher Plumbing

Installing a new dishwasher? Upgrading or replacing? Experiencing leaks or blockages? The Pipe Doctor Specialises in the plumbing for your dishwasher, including the drains and water pipes. Whatever your concern, call the Pipe Doctor today to get it sorted.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Have a blocked disposal unit or a blocked drain where yours is fitted? Never fear, The Pipe Doctor can fix all your drain concerns, including those with a garbage disposal in place.

Call The Pipe Doctor now on 0438 123 128 to get started.

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