Blocked Drains and Pipes

We clear blocked pipes
We remove pipe blockages

We can fix Blocked pipes, Blocked drains, a Blocked sewer or Blocked stormwater drain.

To unblock a pipe there are a few options

  • Replacing a whole section of the pipe but that may be expensive
  • Snaking using the old method feeding a spring cable through the pipe to cut anything in the way
  • Camera and Hydrojetting however is the most effective method to free blockages using the latest technology

The Pipe Doctor uses the latest cameras to get a detailed look at the condition of your pipes exposing the problem quickly and easily the first time.  Together with the Hydrojetter it doesn't just clear the blockage we also flush your pipes clear.  DVD recordings and detailed photos of the inside of your pipe are also available.

Hydrojetting works efficiently because of the high pressure and chemical injection which cuts a path through the blockage, then back jets cut the blockage cleanly back to the pipe face.  It's not just making a hole through the middle like older methods but completely flushes all foreign objects and debris out of your sewer, stormwater or waste pipes.

We Can Find AND Repair Underground

Save thousands in time and expenses and avoid the extra mess and hassle of large excavation projects, when The Pipe Doctor can locate, diagnose and even repair your leaks or blockages in place, underground.

No need for lengthy search and explore missions with holes all over your property. Just find it, fix it, first time.


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